About Us
Dental Implant works in China

About Us

China Outsourcing Dental Lab is a Full Service Dental Lab

Over 200 certified technicians, combined with over 65 years of experience, are the heart and soul of our laboratory. China Outsourcing Dental Lab are proud of our highly skills team who learn the craft of prosthetic dentistry all over the world all over the world, include Germany, a country with on the highest standards in the field

Our staff regularly participate in the advance training to keep up to date with new standards and we invest in most advance equipment technology to meet the customer requirements.

International standards are very important to us and all our work meets the international certification requirements of ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, FDA, CE among others. All materials used during the manufacturing process are CE and FDA and ISO certified. Our customer services will gladly provide you with any proof of certification need.

As the great development of business so expand our lab scale again in the middle of 2021 and renamed Spring Dental Laboratory.

China Outsourcing Dental Lab are proudly looking back on over then years of experience in working with overseas customers from countries such as Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, United Sates and Australia to a name few .

We always adhere to customers requirements and with our work we are happy to contribute to perfect smiles all over the world.

Shenzhen Spring Dental Laboratory is your reliable partner in China .