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Dental Implant works in China

About Us

China Outsourcing Dental Lab is a Full Service Dental Lab

Over 200 certified technicians, combined with over 65 years of experience, are the heart and soul of our laboratory. China Outsourcing Dental Lab are proud of our highly skills team who learn the craft of prosthetic dentistry all over the world all over the world, include Germany, a country with on the highest standards in the field

Our staff regularly participate in the advance training to keep up to date with new standards and we invest in most advance equipment technology to meet the customer requirements.

International standards are very important to us and all our work meets the international certification requirements of ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, FDA, CE among others. All materials used during the manufacturing process are CE and FDA and ISO certified. Our customer services will gladly provide you with any proof of certification need.

As the great development of business so expand our lab scale again in the middle of 2021 and renamed Spring Dental Laboratory.

China Outsourcing Dental Lab are proudly looking back on over then years of experience in working with overseas customers from countries such as Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, United Sates and Australia to a name few .

We always adhere to customers requirements and with our work we are happy to contribute to perfect smiles all over the world.

Shenzhen Spring Dental Laboratory is your reliable partner in China .

Shenzhen Spring Dental Laboratory – Your China Dental Outsourcing Center


Shenzhen Spring Dental Laboratory is a China dental outsourcing company, offering customized solution to dental labs across the world. We provide high-quality dental products and services to international dental professionals and businesses. We specialize in manufacturing dental products like crown, bridges and dentures. But we also manufacture a wide range of other dental products.

Our China dental outsourcing solution is designed to provide cost-effective solution to businesses across the globe. We aim to provide a highly reliable and cost-effective service to dental professionals.

Using innovative technology and expertise, we strive to become a leading dental manufacturer in China.

Reliable Dental Outsourcing Solution


Shenzhen Spring Dental Laboratory is a leading China dental outsourcing solution provider with customers in countries in Europe, North America and Australia and expanding. We help dental professionals’ source high-quality dental products at a very economical way. We understand the need for a reliable but cost-effective dental products supplier. Big dental labs and manufacturers in these countries are too expensive. This is where Shenzhen Spring Dental Laboratory comes in. We provide a better alternative with more perks and less cost.

Leading Manufacturer of Dental Products


Shenzhen Spring Dental Laboratory is a leading manufacturer and dental outsourcing company in China. Using the latest and innovative technology, we provide the best quality products to dental labs and professionals across the globe. For years, we have been helping dental industry around the world provide the best service to their customers, the same way we provide the best product and services to our customers.

Our expertise and experience make us different and better than our competitors. Outsource your dental manufacturing to us and see the difference we can make.

Quality & Efficiency


Shenzhen Spring Dental Laboratory thrives on quality and efficiency. We supply dental products like crown, dentures and bridges made from FDA and CE approved materials. Not just that, our dental products meet the International Standards and comply with the rules and regulation of these countries.

We provide high-quality products to overseas dental labs in countries like Germany,Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, United Sates and Australia, among others. Greater efficiency is what we strive for, which is why, we have fast and efficient shipping system. We also have fast turnaround time, so that our clients can receive their products on time and safely.

Excellent Customer Service


For us, customer is everything. We have a very effective customer service that ensures smooth transition. Whether you need more information, assistance with the order or anything, our excellent customer service will meet and eve exceed your expectation. We provide customized solution to our customers, to meet their specific requirements.

With so many years in the field of dental manufacturing & shipping, we are one of the leading China dental outsourcing solution providers. No matter what your requirements are, we will make sure to meet it. Feel free to contact our customer support team for any queries you have.

Please call or WhatsApp at +8613713693945 or email us at info@chn- dentallab.com for more details and to get quotes.